Water Conservation for Earth Day Every Day

April 22nd was Earth Day and as your Southwest Florida water management experts, we at Crews Environmental want to stress the importance of water conservation 365 days a year. April was recognized as water conservation month. As you may be aware, we’re currently experiencing drought conditions throughout Southwest Florida.

The Importance of Sewer and Septic Maintenance in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida Septic Maintenancecan mean life-long reliance on the same system for your wastewater needs, resulting in a cost-effective, self-sufficient water treatment option for as long as you remain in your home. Improper maintenance of septic systems can be damaging to your home and the environment.

Septic Systems in Southwest Florida are Less Expensive Than City Water

There is much debate about whether septic systems in Southwest Florida are most effective and efficient wastewater treatment options. As we all know well, water is crucial to our everyday needs. From bathing and doing laundry to washing dishes and conveniently disposing of sewage – many don’t often consider the alternative to traditional public utilities. What most people don’t realize is that septic systems can be less costly to maintain than paying for a monthly water and sewer bills.