Affordable Drain Field Repair Solutions for Every Budget


For the septic system’s longevity and a healthier environment, keeping your eye on the drain field is essential. As you know, in every household, the drain field plays an important role; from that perspective, regular maintenance becomes important. If you keep on procrastinating or there will be delays in the maintenance services, you may spend […]

Grease Trap Maintenance 101: Tips That Will Save Your Money


Grease traps are necessary for commercial kitchens since fats harden in the pipes over time. A kitchen without a grease trap can lead to sewer blockages. In order to run a more sustainable and worry-free kitchen operation, a grease trap should be installed. However, it is important to note that installing the device is the […]

Holiday Season is here!! Can Your Septic System Manage the Strain?


With the holidays approaching, the house must be packed with family and friends celebrating this joyous time of the year. While you are hosting parties at home or traveling, guests are planning to stay a few days, which means extra water usage. Suddenly the septic tank has to handle all this extra load which it wasn’t […]

Symptoms of Hidden Hurricane Damage to your Septic System

hurricane ian septic system damage

In the weeks following Hurricane Ian, you’ve probably been busy mitigating damage, cleaning up your yard, filing insurance claims and dealing with repairs to your home. One of the factors that you may not have considered is the underground damage that may have happened to your septic system if you experienced downed trees or other […]

The Importance of having a Schematic or Diagram of your SWFL Septic System


When it comes to Southwest Florida septic systems, understanding the placement of your system and having a schematic or diagram of your system handy is critically important. Whether you’re dealing with construction contractors, paving new driveways or planning other other heavy landscaping – knowing where the different elements of your system are located can help […]

A Guide for Preventing Tree to Damage Septic Systems


Trees don’t require much to grow, just soil, water, and sunlight would do the trick. Their countless benefits include improving the air we breathe, reducing energy bills with their shade, providing homes for wildlife, and adding beauty to our surroundings. However, the roots from these trees can indicate very serious problems for septic systems. The […]

Tips for Choosing Right Size Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap


A grease trap’s size should be determined based on the type of commercial kitchen and the type of restaurant. Overflows, backups, and unnecessary costs can be prevented. Grease trap sizes aren’t easily determinable, especially since each commercial kitchen is different. Additionally, most plumbing codes ignore peak flow when sizing, indicating more capacity than required. Similarly, […]

Things to Do to Save Septic System During Holidays


The holiday season is one of the best times of year to gather with family and friends. 30% of Americans throw holiday parties in December and in preparation for those parties they’ll spend nearly $1,000. Common expenses for holiday parties include food, alcohol, decor, entertainment and attire. However, if you’re hosting a gathering this holiday […]

Prevent Danger Associated with Abandoned Septic Tanks on Property


There can be several reasons you may end up with an abandoned septic tank on your property. For instance, you may have recently purchased a new home with an abandoned septic tank or have installed a new tank somewhere on the property and want to get rid of the previous one safely. Whatever can be […]

All You Need to Know About Septic System Post-Hurricane


Hurricane Ian has been a coverage nightmare for many homeowners.  Navigating FEMA claims and finding trustworthy contractors is probably a full time job for most SWFL residents. It is important to note that most septic systems are not covered by your homeowner’s policy.  Don’t assume that insurance will cover repair or replacement if your septic system […]