All You Need to Know About Commercial Septic

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All You Need to Know About Commercial Septic

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The infrastructure of any commercial facility is crucial. But we frequently overlook the extensive planning that goes into a brand-new restaurant or a nearby park, including commercial septic system service. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, including those with commercial systems, has strict regulations on clean water and a fully functional septic system, including permits and criteria.

You are well aware of these criteria if you already own commercial real estate. What if, however, you are unfamiliar with this knowledge or are in the process of starting a new business? Let’s examine the information you need to be aware of regarding business septic systems.

What is Commercial Property?

A commercial sewage treatment plant is a sizable sewage treatment facility equipped to handle wastewater and sewage produced by commercial projects like hotels and educational facilities.

Your property is regarded as commercial if it is used for any purpose other than private use. Unlike residential property, commercial property is utilized only for commercial and financial gain. These properties may include apartment buildings, shops, hotels, Offices, manufacturing facilities, and laundries.

When Do You Call for a Commercial Septic System?

Where no main public sewer is available for development, installing a commercial septic septic  or sewage treatment facility is typically necessary. In instances like this, a commercial septic system is the only way to treat the sewage and wastewater produced on-site.

If a main public sewer is accessible to a development site, but the existing sewer cannot handle the sewage and wastewater produced by the new development, a commercial sewage treatment facility may also be erected.

How Does a Commercial Septic System Work?

Like a smaller household system, a commercial sewage treatment plant or septic system functions similarly. Heavy solids are eliminated using a mechanical screen or primary settlement tanks. After being partially treated, the wastewater is subjected to natural biological treatment in an aeration chamber.

The required level of treatment can frequently be higher than usual when dealing with numerous large-scale sewage treatment systems or septic systems. Higher effluent volumes entering groundwater or surface water may affect the water quality.

Because of this, it is typical to include a chemical dosing system to reduce phosphorus, an anoxic stage to reduce nitrogen, or ultraviolet treatment to get rid of bacteria and pathogens in the effluent.

Common Problems with Commercial Septic

Some common problems in a commercial Septic include:


What do septic systems and sewer connections have in common? The usage of pipelines. Pipes are essential for keeping water flowing in a septic system, whether they connect your home to the septic system or the tank to the drainage area. Unfortunately, clogs can still occur in pipes! Fortunately for you, pipes are pipes regardless of what they are carrying. Thus, our knowledge of clearing blocked pipes applies just as well to pipes in septic systems. Our plumber’s staff ensures that debris such as food scraps, grease traps, and more don’t prevent water from entering your septic system. Our quick arrival at your commercial property will allow us to locate the leak and clear it for you.

Worn-out and Damaged Pipes

Pipes are prone to wear and tear, which frequently impacts how well your septic system works. A leak might cause water to drain into areas other than the specified leaching field, sopping up the soil and allowing contaminated water to enter your property. Our plumbing crew ensures that damaged pipes are repaired before they cause more harm to the rest of your commercial property, whether replacing a leaky section of pipe or installing brand-new ones.

Unpleasant Odours and Wet Areas

A leaky or broken sewage pipe frequently impacts your commercial property and the efficiency of your septic system. A problem with the pipes in your septic system is at the root of the problem. Fortunately, our business plumbing service can help you with these issues!


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Operational cost for Commercial Septic System

Costs for a septic system or commercial sewage treatment facility might vary substantially. The size of the sewage treatment facilities, the effluent standard you must meet, and the ground conditions, which may decide the commercial septic installation costs, all affect the cost. System costs are much lower for typical house development, excluding installation and civil works. A US commercial sewage treatment plant costs approximately $2000 for each home.

Maintenance Cost for Commercial Septic System

The first stage in handling wastewater from development is to install a commercial sewage treatment facility. However, one must consider septic maintenance and operating expenses like with any equipment. To ensure proper operation of the commercial septic system and to prevent excessive wear and strain on parts, it is crucial to perform routine septic maintenance on your system. There are several mechanical components and submerged aerators in some commercial septic systems. Modern commercial septic systems, however, have no moving parts in the sewage and relatively few operating parts. Therefore, these contemporary systems require little maintenance. The cost of maintenance at a commercial sewage treatment plant in the US is approx $400 for each visit.


It would help if you had an emergency plumber to address the problem and get you back in operation when a plumbing emergency arises. That also applies to septic issues; your septic system service needs routine maintenance to operate effectively, just like any other plumbing component. Don’t worry about all these issues, and feel free to contact Crews Environmental for all your septic and plumbing needs.