Earth Day: Water Conservation with Septic Systems

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Earth Day: Water Conservation with Septic Systems

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imagesEarth Day is an extremely important day to all of us at Crews Environmental. As your Southwest Florida septic tank company, we work hard to educate our customers on efficient water use and conservation of our natural resources. Events all across the state over the weekend helped to raise awareness of the importance of remaining environmentally conscious. Donald Forgione, DEP’s Florida Park Service Director stated in an e-mail bulletin about the weekend’s events, “Earth Day is a time for all of us to reflect on our beautiful environment and continue to work together on ways to protect it. Florida’s 171 state parks and trails protect and conserve our natural resources, while providing excellent opportunities for recreation and fun.” While your family may have enjoyed some of the events happening throughout Southwest Florida, we want to stress the importance of living consciously every day. Septic systems and effective water management are a great start in living greener.

Save money with septic. 
We are experts when it comes to understanding the efficiency behind septic tanks. The cost and upkeep of centralized wastewater treatment plants is excessive in comparison to a private septic system. Additional taxes, a sewer bill and additional assessments add up, making septic a much more cost-effective alternative.

Take Control of your wastewater
More and more families are starting to plant their own gardens, eat organically, compost waste, and be conscious of what they are throwing out. Installing a septic system is an excellent way to continue to live self-reliantly and make more efficient use of your water resources. Rather than being treated in a plant and inefficiently ran back to your home, your wastewater is treated (quite literally) in your backyard. While there is little control over how wastewater is treated in a treatment plant, septic waste management is an organic process that hasn’t changed over the hundreds of years it has been used.

Use your water consciously.
Turning the water off when you’re brushing your teeth, placing a brick in your toilet tank, buying water efficient shower heads, and filling the sink rather than running water to wash the dishes are just a few ways to live more water consciously. You can also conserve water by turning off or limiting your sprinkler use during the summer. Every small effort you take can save thousands of gallons of water, saving money and saving the earth.

It is so easy to get entrenched in our day to day lives and forget what we can do to improve the world around us Earth Day is a time to develop an understanding of how our everyday activities impact natural resources and make plans to implement changes in lifestyle.