Essential Tips for Emergency Septic Pumping in Fort Myers

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Essential Tips for Emergency Septic Pumping in Fort Myers

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A septic emergency can be a frightening and stressful experience. While we understand that septic systems are generally “out of sight, out of mind” for most property owners, when something goes wrong, it needs to be addressed immediately.
Leading septic tank pumping experts in Fort Myers reveal that quick action is crucial in septic tank emergencies. Delaying or ignoring the resolution of septic tank issues can lead to pricey repairs, damage to property, and adverse environmental impacts.

In this blog post, we’ll address what to do when septic tank troubles occur, including whom to contact for immediate assistance.

3 Common Causes for Septic Tank Emergencies

1. Neglecting Routine Maintenance

According to the top commercial and residential septic system contractors in Ft. Myers, this is possibly the biggest issue. So, if your septic system is facing issues, it’s likely from a lack of proper care and maintenance. You should always schedule routine inspections with a trusted septic professional like Crews Environmental.

The truth is that septic systems have a limited lifespan. Your system comprises different parts that can weaken or break down over time. A credible professional can quickly catch these issues, saving you money and stress in the long run.

2. Failure to Locate the Septic System

The pipes in your septic tank line are like a network transporting wastewater from your home to the septic tank and drain field. As we mentioned earlier, over time, these lines can become weaker due to tree roots growing into them or damage during house renovations.

Top septic tank pumping experts in Fort Myers reveal that some easy tips can help you avoid these issues, including:

  • If you’re making any major changes to your property, always ensure you know where you can and cannot dig.
  • Don’t park cars or large vehicles on top of your septic field, as you could damage the system below.

3. Oversaturated Drainfield

Common reasons for drainfield saturation include heavy rainfall and neglecting to pump the septic tank. An oversaturated drain field won’t function properly and will no longer filter or treat the wastewater from your property. The bad news is that this can lead to permanent damage, including complete system failure.

How can you prevent this? It all boils down to the first item on this list: Regularly pumping your tank keeps your septic system in good shape. However, you can also reduce your home water usage during heavy rains or floods.

Tips for Dealing With a Septic Emergency

Top septic tank maintenance experts in Fort Myers reveal that in case of dire septic emergencies, you should:

1. Stop Using Water Immediately

The very first measure you should take during a septic tank emergency is to stop using water altogether. Avoid doing laundry, taking showers, or flushing toilets if possible. While it might be a hassle, it’s crucial not to make matters worse by adding more water to the system.

2. Assess the Situation

Next, you should assess the situation thoroughly and determine what’s happening. If you notice sewage backing up into your home through drains or toilets, it’s crucial to find out where it’s coming from. This helps confirm whether it’s connected to your septic unit or another plumbing problem.

If your property has a sewage overflow or spill, ensure that everyone, including pets, stays clear of the area. If there is extreme sewage backup, take necessary measures to protect your health, including wearing protective masks and clothing to avoid contact with contaminated air or water.

Leading septic tank installation, maintenance, pumping, and repair specialists in Ft. Myers reveal that it’s also a good idea to turn off all electricity in affected areas so that no one is at risk of electric shock from standing water.

3. Call for Help

Unless you have experience with septic systems, electricity, and plumbing, it’s often best to contact a credible septic professional for immediate help. Many commercial and residential septic companies offer emergency services even after business hours, so there’s no reason to delay seeking assistance.

You can always count on Crews Environmental’s emergency septic tank services to help pinpoint and fix problems quickly, preventing further damage and restoring your property to its normal function. We have the proper equipment and know-how to safely resolve the issue at hand, whether that is simply emergency septic pumping and maintenance or something more complicated.

How to Avoid Having a Septic Emergency

Regularly maintaining and inspecting your system is the best way to avoid a septic emergency. Top septic tank installation, pumping, and repair contractors in Fort Myers reveal that you must always ensure that your tank is pumped out at least every three years and checked for problems or damage.

You also need to keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Be extremely cautious about what items are being flushed or rinsed down your drains. Only flush human waste, toilet paper, and biodegradable soaps, not wet wipes or paper towels.
  • Never flush medications or use household chemicals like paint thinner or bleach down the drain.
  • Conserve water by installing low-flow appliances.
  • Manage water usage by taking shorter showers and running washing machines or dishwashers only when full.

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