Exposing Common Septic Myths in San Carlos Park, FL

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Exposing Common Septic Myths in San Carlos Park, FL

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If you have a septic pumping tank at your house in San Carlos Park, FL, then you’ve probably heard a lot of advice about maintaining your system that simply isn’t true. We don’t blame you if you’ve ever tried to stuff yeast down your toilet after hearing some of that bogus advice, thinking it’ll save you a few extra bucks.

There are a lot of myths floating around regarding septic system repair, cleaning, and pumping services, and the last thing you need is a flooded bathroom. Continue reading our blog to dispel the top ten most common septic myths that are both groundless and ignorant.

Common Septic Myths That Could Cost You in San Carlos Park, FL

Myth 1: Septic tanks last forever

Most people mistakenly believe that a septic system can last forever with proper septic pumping and maintenance. In contrast, expert septic system services in San Carlos Park, FL, reveal that a septic unit needs replacing at least every 30 years. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

No matter how good your septic care and maintenance are, the septic tank will need replacing at some point. With poor management, the system can fail even within five years of use. However, with regular tank pumping in San Carlos Park, FL, efficient water use, drain field care, and appropriate waste disposal for clog prevention, your septic unit could still work after 20 to 30 years or more.

Myth 2: Septic systems need to be seeded

Seeding is basically adding organic material to your septic pumping system in San Carlos Park, FL, to aid or help speed up the process. Some seeding ideas include flushing a pound of yeast, manure, and worms. This practice can wreak havoc in your septic tank and lead to possible flooding or system shutdown.

Myth 3: Additives eliminate the need for pumping

Bio enzymes, like CCLS, can be beneficial as a clog prevention strategy for maintaining healthy bacteria throughout your septic system in San Carlos Park, FL, to keep it operating at peak performance, which is especially important if you use abrasive cleaning products or antibiotics. However, no septic additive replaces the need to pump your septic tank every two to three years. Even if you use an additive, it’s important to schedule routine septic pumping service in San Carlos Park, FL, to prevent the risk of bio-solids forming in tanks.

Myth 4: It’s okay to flush anything into the septic system

This is probably the biggest myth out of all other options. While quality septic tank systems are relatively robust, it doesn’t mean you can flush anything you like down the toilet, sinks, or drain. Traditional toilets can only handle two things: sewage and wastewater.

Items like non-flushable baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, medicines, dental floss, hair, cat litter, food waste, and nail clippings can lead to drain clogs, pipe damage, irreparable tank malfunctions, and the release of toxic bacteria into the surrounding environment.

Myth 5: Septic systems don’t require regular inspections and pumping

Septic system inspection, cleaning, repair, and pumping every two to three years is the best and most economical way to keep your unit working in good condition. It ensures that damaging levels of indigestible solid waste are not rising to the level of the San Carlos Park, FL, septic tank outlet and flowing out to clog your unit’s leaching pipes.

Myth 6: Clogged septic systems need to be replaced

If your system gets clogged up, you may hear the only option is to replace the tank or the entire system. However, leading septic system maintenance experts in San Carlos Park, FL, reveal that depending on where and why the blockage has occurred, hydro-jetting (a pressure-washing method) can clear the system completely so it can continue functioning normally. You can contact a reliable, professional septic expert like Crews Environmental to conduct this clog-prevention strategy effectively.

Myth 7: Pumping the septic tank is only necessary if it’s full

Just because a septic pumping tank in San Carlos Park, FL, appears full doesn’t mean it’s time for a pump-out. Even after doing so, an average residential septic pumping tank will fill up to around 12 inches within a week.

You only need to schedule a septic pumping when there are high sludge levels in the tank (they should take up about a third of it). A quality, professional septic tank cleaning service can conduct a sludge test that checks the waste levels present.

Myth 8: Flushing a Dead Mouse Down the Toilet Helps a Septic System

Some people claim that a dead mouse contains unique microbes that improve the performance of your septic system in San Carlos Park, FL, which is completely bogus.
While this old trick seems wise and reassuring, a few ounces of a dead animal won’t provide anything essential that’s not already coming from other traditional sources.

Myth 9: It’s safe to plant trees near the drain field

While most homeowners in San Carlos Park, FL, believe that building a structure on the septic tank isn’t a problem. After all, they’re so far underground that it shouldn’t matter, right? However, adding a deck, patio, or garden shed on top of your septic unit can make it difficult or impossible for professionals to access the tank when it needs inspection, pumping, repair, or replacement.

It can also cause issues with the breakdown of wastewater entering the drainage field. The soil won’t have full oxygenation, which can lead to system backups.

Myth 10: Professional septic maintenance isn’t necessary

Regular professional maintenance is essential to increase the lifespan of your septic system in San Carlos Park, FL. A licensed septic system expert service tests the waste levels in a tank to check when it needs pumping, perform the necessary procedures and reduce the chances of issues with poor drainage and blockages.
Getting into the habit of arranging a quality septic inspection by a reputable local contractor like Crews Environmental for a year or two is well worth the expense.

Final Takeaway

Now that you know the important facts about quality septic tank care in San Carlos Park, FL, you can keep your system healthy and operating effectively for a long time.
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