Keep your drain field from spreading viruses and diseases

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Keep your drain field from spreading viruses and diseases

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If you have too much water in your drain field, it could lead to a health hazard. 

A good drain field for your septic system is always important, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more critical. Any septic system has a tank and a drain field, or soil that surrounds it. A septic tank also depends on the soil surrounding it to treat wastewater before it goes back into the groundwater cycle. 

Water from your house goes into your tank and separates into three layers: sludge, water and a top layer of scum. The middle layer of water leaves the tank and moves into the drain field and filters through the soil, which naturally treats the wastewater. When this happens the soil removes bacteria, viruses and nutrients before it is discharged into the groundwater.

What happens when there is too much water in the drain field? The septic system becomes overwhelmed and stops the treatment of wastewater. This may also cause septic water to back into your home. 

Recent studies have shown that COVID-19 can be detected in wastewater. Viral particles have shown up in water treatment facilities since early February, but it is important to note that studies do not distinguish if the virus is dead or alive or if it can cause infection, just that it exists. 

What can I do to avoid the problem of a bad drain field?

  • Schedule a septic inspection from one of our experts.
  • Make sure your stormwater runoff is as far away from your septic system as possible.
  • Minimize water usage during the storm to slow the amount of water going into the septic tank. If you know a storm is coming, consider reducing wastewater ahead of the rain.
  • Keep trees away from the septic tank so the roots don’t damage the system.
  • If the worst happens and your toilet overflows into your home, our experts can help! Meanwhile, keep everyone away from the area and fully disinfect all the areas the soiled water touched. You should also confirm that your plumbing is draining properly and make sure that no wastewater from your septic system surfaces on your property. 

As always, also be sure to follow proper hand-washing techniques. While septic systems are designed to take in some of the antibacterial products, COVID-19 means more anti-bacterial hand sanitizers, soaps and detergents are in use and the residual effects they can have on septic systems are negative. Be careful not to overuse them.

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