Septic Systems in Southwest Florida are Less Expensive Than City Water

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Septic Systems in Southwest Florida are Less Expensive Than City Water

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There is much debate about whether septic systems in Southwest Florida are most effective and efficient wastewater treatment options. As we all know well, water is crucial to our everyday needs. From bathing and doing laundry to washing dishes and conveniently disposing of sewage – many don’t often consider the alternative to traditional public utilities. What most people don’t realize is that septic systems can be less costly to maintain than paying for a monthly water and sewer bills.

Public utilities can be costly. Only a few extra loads of laundry or a forgotten water hose can mean doubling your monthly water bill. Water bills from public utilities typically run from $50 to $150 or more per month, depending on the size of your household and water use.

While septic systems require septic tank pump out maintenance every three years, the cost (around $250 per pump out) is significantly less compared to city water. There is additional cost involved in the electrical that runs the pump, but that too is minimal compared to paying a monthly water bill.

Beyond the annual cost in monthly bills, you must look at the bigger picture of wasted resources, tax dollars and special assessments paid by residents surrounding a water treatment facility. The government increases taxes or requires special assessments (similar to the situation with water and sewer assessments in Cape Coral currently) that amount to thousands of dollars in sewer assessments in addition to monthly water and sewer bills. These connections are often inefficient, and result in increased costs and maintenance, in addition to the building, staffing and maintenance of a water treatment facility.

It’s easy to see that the costs involved in public utilities are significant in comparison to septic systems, even with the consideration of a brand new septic system installation. To learn more about the costs involved in septic systems in comparison to city water or to schedule an installation or pump out of septic systems in Fort Myers contact our expert service technicians.