Septic vs Sewer: Cost Comparisons

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Septic vs Sewer: Cost Comparisons

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While some continue to debate the pros and cons of septic vs. sewer, when it comes to cost comparison of city sewer vs. septic systems – septic always wins. As we have discussed many times in the past, maintenance for septic systems only requires septic tank pump outs every 3 to 5 years. The cost for pumpouts save-money-with-septic-systemranges from $250 to $500.

However, those connected to city sewer to manage their wastewater pay monthly bills for service to and from their home in addition to assessments for connections and repairs. We recently saw an article published in the Miami Herald about a $1 billion dollar repair bill to repair a crumbling sewer system in Miami-Dade county. According to a study quoted in the article, “Miami-Dade County’s two sewage plants and nearly 14,000 miles of pipelines are so outdated it would take $1.1 billion just to replace the most deteriorated and vulnerable section of the system.”

Read the full report on the condition of the sewer system here.

How will the county pay for these repairs? The article states that they will rely on rate hikes for the majority of the revenue. Compare the growing monthly bill for public utilities to your minimal maintenance with a septic system and you can quickly see why septic wins the cost comparison argument.
Arguments stack up in favor of a self-reliant septic system. Septic systems are growing in popularity because of their decreased cost and environmental control in comparison to city sewer.