Landscaping Dos and Don’ts for your Florida Septic System


When it comes to your septic system, you probably do a bit of diligence already in smart water use, avoiding putting harsh chemicals down your drain and flushing only septic-system-friendly toilet paper – but did you know that your landscaping and exterior elements can have a huge impact on your septic system as well? Everything […]

5 Proactive Steps for Septic System Maintenance in Florida

septicsmart week

For homeowners in Southwest Florida that are on a septic system, it’s critically important to the health of that system and the quality of your groundwater that it be properly maintained. A poorly maintained system will require costly repairs and need to be replaced more quickly than a well-maintained system. New construction septic systems in […]

It’s SepticSmart Week: 5 Facts you Didn’t Know about Septic Systems


In honor of the EPA’s SepticSmart week, and in everything we do, we make homeowner education a priority. We want you to understand the facts about your septic system, smart water use, and what can cause issues with your tank and drainfield. While you can find a wealth of articles and resources on our website and the Crews Environmental blog, we wanted to make sure that you knew some of the less popular septic system facts.