Signs and Symptoms of A Damaged Septic Tank?

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Signs and Symptoms of A Damaged Septic Tank?

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The septic tank system may be out of sight, but it should not go out of mind. Every homeowner must know the signs of a damaged septic tank and how you can rectify it properly. If you observe any of the signs mentioned below, immediately contact a septic system repair professional for an inspection. The septic system damage can cost thousands of dollars to fix if not taken up at the right time. 

Septic System Backup is Frequent.

It is one of the most common signs of a broken septic system. The pipes clog up no matter what you do and how often you clear them. If this is frequently happening, you may have broken the septic system. Contact a professional to schedule an appointment for the septic system inspection. 

A Putrid Smell in Your House

You may not be able to smell anything from the sanitary septic tank because it is designed to be airtight except for the vent stacks on the roof. If you smell septic gas, you have a problem and need to reach out to a septic tank repair professional. 

Foundation of Mold in Walls, Floor, and Ceilings

Broken septic pipes release moisture, the primary reason behind mold growth. Therefore, moldy areas on walls, floors, or ceilings can result in broken septic systems, specifically if a bad odor accompanies them.

Slow Drains

If the backup is happening only in one drain, then that may be just a problem with that particular drain. However, if all the drains in the home are backing up regularly, your septic system is either broken or deteriorating. If you constantly clear the blockages only to see them return, you could have a problem with tree root intrusion. Reach out to an expert for septic system backup. 

Indication in Lawn

In the sewage-saturated lawn caused by the broken septic tank, you may often notice recessed areas where the lawn looks slightly intended. It is similar to what is happening with the concrete slabs.

The broken septic system is a serious illness. If you have noticed any of the above mentioned things, contact the septic system repair contractor immediately. 

A Rodent and Cockroach Problem is a sign of a Damaged Septic System

Rodents are sneaky small creatures. They know their way around the septic tanks, and they are quite adept at breaking into the home, even in small cracks in the septic tanks. Since the rodents are the disease carriers and v=breathing in dust contaminated with their urine or droppings, that can cause life-threatening situations.

Like rodents, cockroaches can also enter the home via cracks or can break into the septic system. If an exterminator comes out, you may find dead cockroaches all over the floor, which is a potential sign of a broken septic system. The cockroaches may still get inside the home via the broken or cracked pipe, and once they do, they may die after coming in contact with the poison used by the exterminator. 

Cracks in the Foundation

Broken or cracked septic system lines can cause problems with concrete sidewalks, patios, driveways, or any other walkway. It happens when the soggy, wet ground saturated by the sewage causes the concrete slabs to sink and become unlevel.  If the main line under the slab develops a leak that goes untreated for a prolonged period, a void may develop under the foundation or in the yard. It may lead to foundation problems such as cracks in the foundation, a sinkhole, or a settlement of the home or building. 

If the home or building is not on pilings, you may notice any foundation-related problems; a leaking or broken main septic system may be the contributing factor, and you should contact an expert immediately. 

Extra Green and Lush Patches in Grass

The extra green and lush patches of Grass in the yard may be due to sewage leaks underground. Since the sewage acts as the fertilizer for the vegetation, leakage from the main line into the surrounding soil will give the surrounding Grass extra nutrients, resulting in a lush and green appearance.

The Toilet is Gurgling When Flushed.

The toilet is not supposed to make any weird nose. If it is, this is a sign that something is going on, and the reason may be a broken septic system. Contact the septic system repair expert right away. 

Indentation on the Lawn or Under Pavers

Another indication of a broken septic system is an indentation in your lawn or under the pavers. A cracked septic tank main line consistently saturates the ground, which may cause the soil to dissipate. It may cause the lawn to develop an indentation or dip above where your main sewage line runs.

Septic Waste Pooling in the Yard

It is an obvious sign that you may have cracked the septic pipes, which may be why the septic wastewater is pooling in the yard. This issue may be a broken septic tank, cracked main line, or clogged drain fields. Often the problem area is located directly under the pool of wastewater.

How to fix a Septic Tank Backup 

The best way to fix the septic tank is through proper maintenance. Make sure you get a system pumped every three to five years, more if you have a large household. Regular pumping can avoid any kind of large tearing up your lawn and replacing the broken septic tank.

Make sure that the float switch is working properly. It will automatically shut off the system and the water to avoid the potential backup before this occurs. 

If you suspect the clog is backing up your septic system, you can also try snaking the drain. Snakes can be purchased in any hardware store and come in different sizes, depending upon the size of the pipe. 

If the entire procedure seems overwhelming, then you can take the help of an expert as well. 


Septic systems can fail unexpectedly and can cause substantial damage to the home. Suppose you are experiencing any of these signs of a damaged septic system. In that case, you should have a septic inspection, which the qualified professionals at Crews Environmental excel at!

If you need any repair help, then please feel free to contact us and book your appointment.