Signs You Need a Drainfield Repair

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Signs You Need a Drainfield Repair

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Have you been experiencing continued issues with your septic system? Has your septic system been suffering from years of neglect? Drainfield repairs in Southwest Florida are sometimes require when septic systems a38_IMAG0168re poorly maintained. Restricted drainflow into the soil from biomat slime buildup often causes backups, lawn flooding and sewage odors in your yard surrounding the drainfield.

What is biomat?
Biomat forms naturally on the bottoms and sides of drainfield trenches. It is a tar-like substance made up of the anaerobic organisms found in the wastewater. Mature biomat slows down wastewater flow, clarifying effluent that passes through by removing pathogens and viruses. Aerobic bacteria colonies feed on the biomat and keep it from clogging the drainfield. Backups from poorly maintained systems cause aerobic bacteria to die, resulting in biomat growth that interrupts drainage, requiring costly drainfield repairs.

Signs your drainfield may require repairs:

  • Wastewater backup in your yard or home
  • Sewage odor from partially treated water on the ground
  • Holes in the shoulders of the drainfield
  • Soggy area surrounding drainfield
  • Mud or pool water around the septic system
  • Strips of bright green grass over your drainfield
  • Gurgling or bubbles in your toilet

If you’re experiencing any of the system issues above, then it is important that you contact septic experts immediately to repair your drainfield as soon as possible. Drainfield backups can be bothersome to you, your neighbors and the surrounding environment. While drainfield repairs can be costly, the right expert will be able to implement repairs efficiently and place you on a regular maintenance program to avoid drainfield issues in the future.

Want to learn more about how Crews Environmental handles the repair of drainfields in Lee County? To view photos of the step by step process that Crews Environmental uses to repair drainfields in Southwest Florida, click here. If you would like to schedule a septic inspection or drainfield repair, please contact us.