Tips for Keeping Tree Roots Away from your Drainfield

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Tips for Keeping Tree Roots Away from your Drainfield

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iStock_000014458292_SmallYour septic system installation was a costly investment. With most new systems costing between $5,000 and $10,000, protecting that investment is crucial. Poor septic system maintenance, overloading your system, and parking cars on your drainfield are just a few things that can cause drainfield failure. But an issue that you may not consider frequently is tree roots. As the trees on your property age and grow, their root systems become extremely complex and can even interfere with your drainfield if the tree is planted to close to your drainfield. Here are a few useful tips for keeping tree roots away from your drainfield.

Be proactive.

Take the time to hire a reputable septic contractor that will carefully plan your install around existing foliage and tree structures to avoid any potential issues with tree roots down the road. As experts, they’ll know exactly what to look for and what potential issues could arise from any trees within close proximity to your septic system.

Educate yourself for future landscaping.

Make sure that when you septic system is installed that you are aware what type of root systems develop in the trees that you own to avoid potential issues. Here is a great list of which plants and trees you can plant on top of or near your septic system. Rather than purchasing plants and risking future issues with your drainfield, educate yourself in advance and be sure to consult a professional when planting in the vicinity of your drainfield or septic system.

Physical root barriers.

Physical root barriers are the best option for keeping tree roots away from your drainfield. These can be purchased online, and installed by the homeowner if the roots are still far away from the drainfield. However, if you believe that roots have already infiltrated your drainfield, you’ll want to call in a professional to eliminate the roots in that area, repair any damage, install root barriers and re-evaluate your landscaping situation.

Roots infiltrating your drainfield and plumbing are a more common occurrence than you might realize. If you’re experiencing any issues with your septic system and believe that roots could be part of the problem, contact an expert septic system contractor to help you troubleshoot the issue.
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