All You Need to Know About Septic System Post-Hurricane

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All You Need to Know About Septic System Post-Hurricane

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Hurricane Ian has been a coverage nightmare for many homeowners.  Navigating FEMA claims and finding trustworthy contractors is probably a full time job for most SWFL residents.

It is important to note that most septic systems are not covered by your homeowner’s policy.  Don’t assume that insurance will cover repair or replacement if your septic system is damaged. If your system is damaged or you need a pump out, it’s important to contact a reliable septic contractor after Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Damage to Septic Systems

Most septic systems have not been damaged by Hurricane Ian. Unless the tank has floated out of the ground, the in-ground system will be usable after the flood waters recede and the drain field dries out. Some components, such as electric panels, above-ground blowers/aerators, and pumps, may have been damaged beyond repair if submerged by flood waters.

If you have a Performance Based Treatment System, Aerobic Treatment Unit, or lift station you will not be able to use your system until your power is restored.

Clearing Debris

We know it is important to clear debris from you home and yard.  By following a couple of simple rules you can help ensure a safe environment for emergency services and utility personnel.  When piling debris for pick-up please ensure that the Right-of-Way is kept clear and accessible for emergency vehicle access.

It is also crucial that you preserve your drain field and septic tank by keeping them clear of debris and preventing vehicles and construction equipment from driving across or parking on the drain field. Crews Environmental can provide limited debris removal to access your septic tank and drain field during service calls.

Need help? We’re here.

Crews Environmental is a full-service, family-owned septic company that has served SWFL for 40 years. We are licensed to service all conventional septic systems and both residential and commercial lift stations. We are also licensed and accredited to service Aerobic Treatment Units and Performance Based Treatment Systems.

Homeowners should contact a licensed and insured septic tank contractor if damage has occurred.  You can locate licensed contractors in your Florida by visiting

In Lee County you can call Crews Environmental at 239.332.1986 or email us at [email protected].