Why We Don’t Give Septic Installation Estimates without a Permit

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Why We Don’t Give Septic Installation Estimates without a Permit

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Crews Environmental has been doing septic system work in this area for more than 30 years. In that time we’ve learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. It’s important to us that our customers be educated on the process that we use to troubleshoot, diagnose, survey and plan new septic system installations or drainfield repairs. The process has been refined over the years and while it might be surprising to some, we do not give written septic system installation estimates without a permit from the Department of Health. This is for good reason and we’ll go into that reason in more detail in this blog.

First things first, once we come out and complete a general inspection and pump-out of your tank, our experts can diagnose any issues and give an estimated cost range for repair or replacement. We only provide a range initially because in order for any new installation to be completed, the Department of Health must come and do a soil profile. The soil profile will tell us how high your water table is and give us a better idea of how much digging is required. If they come out and tell us that we have to dig an additional 5’, that can add a significant expense onto any estimate that we would have provided in writing, which is why we will only provide a range.

While it can be frustrating to not have an exact number before paying the $350 permit fee to the Department of Health for the installation, what we’ve found our customers find even more frustrating is receiving an estimate and thinking it will be a certain price only for that price to be amended after the fact because of unknown soil depths. Most frequently, if we find that the septic tank is still watertight, the drainfield is the most common replacement. For the average homeowner, this cost can range anywhere from $5,500 to $8,500 – with the mitigating variable being the soil profile completed by the Department of Health.

We have worked with a lot of homeowners over the last 30 years and are grateful any time we’re able to earn your business. That said, operating in the utmost integrity is the most important to us. If you know that your system requires replacement, please be sure to do your homework on the company that you are working with and get the permit from the Department of Health for a DOH evaluation, diagnosis, construction requirements and soil profile before exploring financing options. Having an exact number in mind when you’re pursuing financing is important.

If you have any questions on septic installation estimates or inspections, we’re always standing by ready to answer them. Drainfield Repair Fort Myers