Your Toddler & Your Septic System

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Your Toddler & Your Septic System

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toddler-and-septicEven before your baby was born, you did everything you could to prepare for their arrival. From picking out tiny onesies to deciding which baby products to use – you have spent months preparing for your new bundle of joy. As your little one grows you’ll find new tasks ahead of you, including the task of baby proofing. When it comes to your septic system, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Wipes and diapers are not flushable.
We have dedicated many articles to educating septic system owners on what not to flush down their toilets. While a seasoned septic tank owner may already know what to flush, when a baby comes into the picture there are new products that you need to be aware of.  Over the course of your child’s life you’ll probably change thousands of diapers. It’s important to note that diapers and wipes (even those labeled flushable) should not be flushed down your toilets. They can cause nasty clogs, backups and even damage your system. Take great care to dispose of your diapers and wipes in an appropriate waste basket rather than flushing them down the drain.

Keep objects out of your toilet drain.
Even new parents know it only takes a second to turn away from your child for them to get in to something. In the blink of an eye, cupboards are open and tupperware and pantry items are strewn all over the floor. For whatever reason, be it potty training or otherwise, toddlers love toilets. In a matter of seconds, they can drop objects down toilet drains and flush them into your pipes. If they’re small enough to make it to your septic system, this can cause backups and costly repairs.

Buy toilet locks.
Many parents choose not to purchase toilet locks as part of their baby proofing process. Toilet locks can be cumbersome for adults, particularly when you have visitors. However, they are a great way to keep your toddler safe from the bacteria in your toilet bowl and your septic system safe from objects that your toddler might throw into the toilet. Consider investing in toilet locks throughout your house to save money in the long term.

Your children and family unit are the most important things in your life and your septic system shouldn’t be a headache that gets in the way. Make sure that you take proactive steps to keep your home safe for your toddler and your septic system safe from baby products and small objects.

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