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Drain Field Repair

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Your home’s drain field can be affected by several things that can interfere with its efficiency. Perhaps someone parked their heavy truck on it by mistake, causing the damage it now suffers from. The system could have gotten clogged due to excessive grease being introduced into it.

Despite your fears about drain fields needing to be replaced, Crews Environmental has a knack for bringing them back to life. Rather than replacing your drain field entirely, our talented team may be able to save you money and inconvenience by giving drain field repairs in Captiva.

Crews Environmental offers a wide range of septic services apart from drain field repair in Naples by licensed septic tank contractors. We are state-certified, so you are in good hands when we pump your septic tank.

Septic tank pumping by us is not only efficient and eco-friendly but also highly cost-effective. In addition to septic pumping, we offer septic installation services in compliance with safety guidelines and industry standards to ensure you receive the best service. Besides being eco-friendly, we also convert waste materials into fertilizers so people can use them.

What is a Drain Field?

Any well-functioning septic system must have a drain field, also known as a leach field. Water released from your septic tank is treated in a drain field to eliminate waste and impurities. Biodegradable or organic materials are best handled by a drain field, as microbes in the area can break them down. Your septic system requires regular drain field repair in Lehigh acres and maintenance like all other parts.

Why Drain Field System Fail?

Drain fields may fail for many reasons, including system damage, poor maintenance, and misuse/overuse. A failing drain field will lead to septic back-ups, blow-outs, or a saturated field.There are several types of drain fields, but they all distribute the wastewater that accumulates in your septic tank and filters it back into the soil.
Costly drain field repairs are prevented by regular septic pump-outs and proper care.

Signs of a Failing System

  • Frequent need for pump-outs
  • Wastewater backup in the house or yard
  • Foul odor from partially treated wastewater on the ground
  • “Blowouts” or holes on the shoulders of the drain field
  • Soggy yard
  • Pooling water, sewage, or muddy soil around the septic tank
  • Strips of bright green grass over the drain field

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Crews Environmental is the company you want to work with whenever you require drain field repair in North Cape Coral because we are the company you can trust. The technicians at our company are experienced in identifying any problems within your system as soon as possible. A reliable solution for drain field repair at Bonita springs will be created once the problem has been identified and a reliable solution has been found.

As a company focused on customer needs, we have earned a reputation for providing quality service at a fair price. Our drain field repair in F.T Myers is available for residential and commercial customers. Give us a call today!