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Grease Trap Cleaning Lehigh Acres

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There is nothing worse than a sudden grease overflow hurting a kitchen’s reputation or a grease tank being shut down for violating a city code. That’s why our team at  Crews Environmental goes above and beyond standard grease trap cleaning services and handles all your grease removal needs.

With our professional quality grease trap cleaning at Lehigh Acres, we’ll properly pump and clean your grease trap to ensure it’s safe and functional. Contact Crews Environmental today to talk with the experts about our grease trap services and find what works best for you.

The Importance of Cleaning a Grease Trap in Lehigh Acres?

Owners and managers often need to pay more attention to the importance and necessity of cleaning and maintaining the grease trap.

  • A legal requirement: In most municipalities, grease traps must be cleaned.
  • Good For The Environment: You are helping the environment by keeping your grease trap clean. Grease trap cleaners can also help you responsibly dispose of grease waste.
  • To avoid dangerous situations: A faulty grease trap maintenance can cause your grease trap to clog or overflow.

How To Clean a Commercial Grease Trap in Lehigh Acres?

Crews Environmental’s grease trap cleaning process and equipment ensure that your operation is not disrupted while we clean your grease traps. The following steps are required for grease trap cleaning in Lehigh Acres:

  • To control odors, our engineers use an odor protector
  • A vacuum unit is quiet and quick to remove grease
  • All silt from the system is eliminated during this process
  • All surfaces are cleaned and wiped clean
  • A Waste Transfer Note is issued to document the disposal of waste

How to Contact Crews Environmental?

Crews Environmental professionals can provide full-service grease trap cleaning that meets the needs of the food service industry. We can handle all liquid waste management requirements. You can rest assured that they will have a waste management team who treats compliance and service as their core values.

Request free estimates on-site and get the fastest grease trap cleaning services scheduled for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions of Grease Trap Cleaning in Lehigh Acres

Grease traps allow wastewater containing FOG to flow through a receptacle before entering a drainage network. The FOG can be intercepted or “trapped” by the receptacle while still allowing water to escape.

Grease traps have existed for more than 100 years and are also called grease interceptors or converters, catchers or grease recovery/management equipment, and FOG traps.

In order to prevent sewage blockages, almost every commercial kitchen must have a grease trap. Grease traps deal with oils, fats, and greases (FOG), produced during cooking, baking/frying, washing, or other culinary operations.

  • Clogged or slow-moving drainage: Environmental Solutions says grease traps often block drains and require regular maintenance.
  • Foul-scented kitchen: A bad odor in the kitchen that persists after thorough cleaning is probably a sign that your grease trap needs cleaning.
  • Take out the Lid
  • Note the Part Locations
  • Get rid of waste
  • Empty Water Out
  • Take out the trash
  • Wash all surfaces
  • Clean up, test, reinstall
  • Keep up maintenance.

Considering the possibility of errors at stake, hiring a professional to clean your grease trap is advised instead of trying to do it yourself.

The frequency of grease trap cleanings at restaurants varies depending on how frequently the kitchen makes FOGS. It’s suggested that you get the cleaning done by a professional service on average every 1 to 3 months.