Common Grease Trap Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid: Tips for Effective Maintenance

Common Grease Trap Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid: Tips for Effective Maintenance

Introduction For establishing any food service or business kitchen, the operator must maintain a clean grease trap. Fats, grease, and oils can harm a grease trap leading to potential clogs and costly repairs. Therefore it is essential to go for grease trap cleaning on a regular basis. But when it comes to oil trap maintenance […]

Spring Showers and their Potential Effects on Drain Fields in Florida


Spring showers bring much-needed relief from the dry season, but they can also pose challenges for drain fields in Florida. Excessive rainfall can saturate the soil, leading to potential issues such as drainage problems and system overload. In this blog post, we will explore the potential effects of spring showers on drain fields in Florida […]

What Happens if You Don’t Pump the Septic Tank Regularly?


The procedure of pumping a septic tank involves eliminating the built-up waste and sludge. Septic tanks are underground basins used to handle wastewater from a house or other structure. Solid waste and sludge that the bacteria in the tank are unable to decompose will build up over time and need to be removed. In Naples, […]

Leaky Septic Systems in Florida: How to Find and Fix It?


As a homeowner, you occasionally encounter problems with your Septic Tank in Florida. Typical examples include leaks in septic systems, gurgling sounds, and bad odor from the tank. Leaks in septic systems can occur inside or outside the tank and not in a specific place. There is no limit to where leaks can occur in […]

Impact of Nutrients from Septic Systems to Surface Water


If your septic tank system is not designed, installed, maintained, and used properly, it may negatively affect nearby drinking water sources and lead to water-borne diseases.  Let’s see how! How Septic System Pollution Affects Surface Water? Septic systems can impact the quality of local drinking water wells and surface water bodies. How well the septic […]

Symptoms of Hidden Hurricane Damage to your Septic System

hurricane ian septic system damage

In the weeks following Hurricane Ian, you’ve probably been busy mitigating damage, cleaning up your yard, filing insurance claims and dealing with repairs to your home. One of the factors that you may not have considered is the underground damage that may have happened to your septic system if you experienced downed trees or other […]

The Importance of having a Schematic or Diagram of your SWFL Septic System

When it comes to Southwest Florida septic systems, understanding the placement of your system and having a schematic or diagram of your system handy is critically important. Whether you’re dealing with construction contractors, paving new driveways or planning other other heavy landscaping – knowing where the different elements of your system are located can help […]

Things to Do to Save Septic System During Holidays

The holiday season is one of the best times of year to gather with family and friends. 30% of Americans throw holiday parties in December and in preparation for those parties they’ll spend nearly $1,000. Common expenses for holiday parties include food, alcohol, decor, entertainment and attire. However, if you’re hosting a gathering this holiday […]

All You Need to Know About Septic System Post-Hurricane

Hurricane Ian has been a coverage nightmare for many homeowners.  Navigating FEMA claims and finding trustworthy contractors is probably a full time job for most SWFL residents. It is important to note that most septic systems are not covered by your homeowner’s policy.  Don’t assume that insurance will cover repair or replacement if your septic system […]

Septic Systems + Hurricanes : What You Need to Know

Hurricane Ian will make landfall shortly in Southwest Florida and if you’re wondering what you should know as a homeowner in Southwest Florida with a septic system, we’ve got all the important insight. Here’s a short list of things you need to know as a homeowner with a septic system to help get you through […]