5 Tips for Getting Septic Installation Proposals in Southwest Florida

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5 Tips for Getting Septic Installation Proposals in Southwest Florida

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Whether you’re building a brand new dream home or installing a new system at an existing home, getting bids for your system can be overwhelming. Not only do you not have the appropriate expertise to determine the difference between bids, but you’re never positive that you can trust the contractor you received the bid from.

Here are a few tips for getting septic installation proposals in Southwest Florida:

Ask for references:
Perhaps one of the most important things to do is to get references from the contractors that are doing proposals for you. You’ll want to talk to their existing customers that have had septic installations done in order to determine what you should expect and how past jobs have gone.

Hit social media:
Many businesses have a social media presence today, so make sure to check their Google reviews and Facebook page to see what their customers have to say about them. You’ll also want to make sure that you check the Better Business Bureau website to verify that there are no open complaints. Make note where there are negative reviews and how the company responded to them or handled them.

Meet the owners and employees:
When you meet the owner of a business it gives you an idea of how they go about running their business. There’s a level of personal service and accountability that comes with having a conversation with the owners and employees that will be handling your project. Ask them to show you photos of past projects that they have completed or take you through what to expect.

Get everything in writing:
From the terms of the agreement to financing and payment terms to schedule and timeline – you want to make sure that your proposal is in writing and 100% clear. The more details you have of the process, the better you’ll feel about the septic contractor that you choose.

Make sure they’re licensed:
This is a no-brainer, but always make sure that any septic contractor that you’re engaging to provide a proposal and potentially work on your system is licensed and insured. You never want to get yourself into a situation where unlicensed contractors are working on your property. This can be a nightmare from a permitting and inspection perspective.

Choosing a septic contractor that you’ll inevitably pay thousands to trust with the proper design and installation of your septic system is a serious decision and one that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Make sure to do your research when getting bids from septic contractors and take your time when selecting the septic contractor that’s right for you.

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