Be Septic Savvy for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Be Septic Savvy for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Septic system tips for thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving comes a long list of last-minute “to do” items: shopping, decorating, and preparing food. Before you get festive, give thanks, and play turkey trivia, don’t forget to take a moment and consider your septic system maintenance. If you are having a gathering, whether it’s inside or outside, this is something you will be thankful for later on!

Because of COVID-19, many groups of family and friends will choose to gather outside but will still make use of the septic tank. If you have people over to celebrate, remember to make sure your septic system is ready. 

Also make sure your guests know what is, and is not, OK to put down the toilet. If you have a septic system, chances are you know what is OK to flush and what’s not. Yet, not everyone is as septic savvy. A small sign in the bathroom or near the kitchen disposal is a good idea:

✅ Please only flush human waste and toilet paper. Everything that goes down the toilet ends up in the septic system!

✅ Be aware that items such as diapers and baby wipes, hygiene products, and cigarette butts, belong in the trash, not the toilet. They do not decompose in the septic tank.

After you gobble, gobble up food this Thanksgiving, you also want to make sure everyone knows what can be discarded in the garbage disposal.

When you use a garbage disposal, the ground up food particles contribute to the layer of solids that is deposited on the bottom of your septic tank. Natural bacteria can’t decompose the materials quickly enough, meaning your septic tank will require more frequent service.

Fats and grease are problematic, as well as non-food items that often inadvertently end up in garbage, such as napkins. This can clog pipes on the way to the septic tank.

Again, a small sign by the disposal is a good idea:

❌ Please don’t pour fats, grease, and solids down the sink! They can clog pipes and damage the septic system over time. Make sure to throw paper products into the trash can.

Finally, one last tip before the Thanksgiving celebration begins: Before guests arrive, make sure they know where to park, as you don’t want them parking on your drain field. The weight of a vehicle could damage the pipes or compact the soil and make it difficult for wastewater to filter into the ground.

Need help preparing your septic system for guests? Don’t ruin your Black Friday. Call us before Thanksgiving for a pumpout.

Everyone at Crews Environmental wishes you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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