Educating You On Septic Tank Maintenance in Southwest Florida

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Educating You On Septic Tank Maintenance in Southwest Florida

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Yesterday I saw an editorial in the News-Press criticizing newly signed legislation in regards to septic tank maintenance. The author questioned the need for mandatory septic inspections every 3 to 5 years, stating that they were unnecessary. It’s important to us to educate our clients, friends and the community on the importance of Septic Tank Maintenance in Southwest Florida and understand the facts when it comes to septic tanks.

According to the author:

“The big polluters of our waterways were, and still are, runoff from golf courses, livestock, farms and municipal waste treatment plants, just to name a few. The list of polluters is long before you get down to septic tanks. A booklet I read on septic tanks from Florida State University stated that a properly working septic system is more efficient than a municipal waste treatment system.

Click here to read the full editorial from the News-Press website.

Improperly maintained septic tanks can wreak havoc on our waterways and groundwater sources.

Here is my response to the article:

As a Southwest Florida resident and environmental legislation supporter for the last 30 years, I am aware of the value of a properly maintained and functioning septic system for both the homeowner and our Southwest Florida waterways. EPA guidelines suggest that septic systems should be inspected at least every 3 years by a professional.. Have your tank pumped as recommended by the inspector (generally every 3 to 5 years).

Its important to understand that a poorly maintained septic system can contaminate groundwater, result in costly drainfield repairs, or be a legal liability. While poorly maintained septic systems sit low on the list of contaminants (and are often scapegoats for bigger pollution sources), I sincerely believe that it is our responsibility to Southwest Florida waterways to maintain our septic systeminfrastructure. We, as a community, have come together on many other environmental concerns, including littering and the conservation of natural resources. While an individual may not have a significant impact on improving the quality of our waterways, if all 25% of homeowners utilizing septic tanks maintained their tank on a regular basis it would help insure that 21 Million gallons of wastewater per day are not a source of pollution. Properly maintained Septic Systems are:  Healthy, Environmentally Sound and Economically efficient wastewater treatment methods to protect Southwest Florida’s fragile environment. 

Take a moment to educate yourself about septic tank maintenance by visiting our website. If you’re overdue for a septic tank pump out in Southwest Florida, or you’re unsure of when the last one was performed, please contact us.

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