Prevent Danger Associated with Abandoned Septic Tanks on Property

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Prevent Danger Associated with Abandoned Septic Tanks on Property

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There can be several reasons you may end up with an abandoned septic tank on your property. For instance, you may have recently purchased a new home with an abandoned septic tank or have installed a new tank somewhere on the property and want to get rid of the previous one safely. Whatever can be the right reason, the abandoned septic tank can never be something you can ignore. 

For health and safety purposes, it is essential to have septic system services.

Signs Of An Old Abandoned Leaking Septic Tank System

Septic tanks are the modern alternative to disposing of human waste properly. 

  • Excess weed growth in the lawn, or you may observe a lot of algae if you have a pond on the property.
  • A patch of lawn will always be soggy and never seem to dry out completely.
  • Certain areas of lawns will smell unpleasant, like human waste. 
  • A small part of the lawn may seem unstable and can sink in compared t the rest.
  • You physically observe the pipes from the dispersal system that can be pushed up from the ground by the water or any other causes, such as surface erosion.  

How Are Abandoned Septic Systems Dangerous?

An unused septic tank may pose safety risks and serious health issues to you, the family, and the entire community. These septic tanks contain waste that produces toxic methane gas and hydrogen sulfide. All these gases can combust or ignite, or they can make people suck while they inhale all these gases. 

Apart from this, septic tanks can break down and weaken over the period. If the Tank collapses, it may cause a large opening, hurting someone or damaging the property. All these dangerous sinkholes may occur without warning, swallowing up anyone or anything that happens to be standing above them. 

How To Prevent the Danger of Abandoning a Septic Tank System?

While numerous dangers may present themselves when talking about septic services, however, there is only one area that causes most of the damage to people: your septic tank. Here are some of the tips which ways you can prevent the danger of abandoning a septic system. 

Sinkholes and septic systems are installed below the ground. While these systems are abandoned by the human and water sitting in them, 

First, the Tank must be completely emptied of its content using the vacuum truck, operated by an appropriately licensed professional who will properly dispose of the septage. There are three common methods of dealing with septic tanks:

  1. Remove and dispose of the Tank at an approved site.
  2. Crush the Tank completely and backfill it. The bottom must be broken to make sure that that will drain water.
  3. Fill up the Tank with the granular material or insert some other inert, flowable material such as concrete. The abandoned septic tank must present a confined space hazard or no collapse. 

Suppose the dispersal system or soil treatment is removed. In that case, contaminated materials will be properly handled to prevent human contact. Contaminated materials include the distribution media, soil, and sand within approximately 3 feet of the system bottom, distribution pipes tanks, and the contaminated soil around the leaky tanks. Contaminated materials also include soil, which received sewage from the surface failure Inspection pipes can be removed, disposed and backfilled in the mixed municipal solid waste landfill.

What should you do with an abandoned Septic Tank?

You can always pay attention to an unused and abandoned septic tank. Whether that is purchasing a new home with the old septic system or connecting the home to the old septic system, you must do something that the old septic tank to prevent the hazards. 

The best part is that you do not need to figure out how to fix all these problems. Septic system professionals like sewer and septic can walk you through safely decommissioning the old septic tank.


Even though you connect the property to a public sewer system, you must decommission the old septic system. It depends upon the local ordinances, as that is required to complete the decommissioning within 30n to 60 days after connecting to the sewer system. 

Can you build on top of an abandoned septic tank?

There are better ideas than building over the top of the septic Tank. Even at least once the filling and pumping procedure is complete, there is still a risk of the residual liquids and gases causing the earth to shift over time. 


Toxins in the soil and the methane gas can still keep up and cause dangers even though the Tank was pumped out carefully and thoroughly. 

If the Tank is not filled in properly, you may deal with serious sinking problems once you start building in that area. 

If you need the space to build, you must consider having the Tank dug out and removed completely before a septic service. You will surely know that no hidden dangers are lurking under the ground. 

If you decide to remove the septic tank together, the professionals at all sewer & septic service businesses can also help. 

How can Crews Environmental help?

An abandoned septic system may cause big issues if that is handled correctly. Therefore, it is essential only to trust the knowledge and licensed experts in decommissioning. Experts of environmental crews proudly serve and know how to deal with abandoned and old septic tanks.

Contact Crews Environmental today to learn more about the process, the septic services and find out exactly what you need for your septic system.