The Importance of Sewer and Septic Maintenance in Southwest Florida

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The Importance of Sewer and Septic Maintenance in Southwest Florida

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Southwest Florida Septic Maintenance can mean life-long reliance on the same system for your wastewater needs, resulting in a cost-effective, self-sufficient water treatment option for as long as you remain in your home. Improper maintenance of septic systems can be damaging to your home and the environment. It is this failed maintenance that has required many city governments to step in and require costly hookups to city sewer and public utilities, resulting in hundreds of thousands in sewer assessments (as has been the situation locally in Cape Coral). The costly hookups to sewer facilities have ignored current infrastructure, which, if properly maintained, could safely and efficiently manage wastewater disposal and save hundreds of thousands for many residents in the area.

Septic vs. Sewer – what’s the difference? Both septic and sewer systems function the same way. Your wastewater from showers, toilets, disposals and laundry flows out of your plumbing and into a holding tank, which gets treated by micro-organisms before the clean water is released back into the environment. With septic, your own wastewater is recycled and treated at your own home, whereas public sewer lines run together and are treated at one large off-site facility that treats water from many homes.

Lifespan & Environmental Impact. Each type of system, if improperly maintained, can leak and discharge raw sewage materials into the environment either at your home (septic systems) or on a larger scale (sewer systems). Sewer systems generally can go 20 years before requiring major repairs, whereas properly maintained septic systems can last indefinitely.

Cost comparison. Over the life of a septic system (which costs around $15,000 to install), homeowners pay every 3-5 years for septic pump-outs at $250-$500. This cost is generally significantly less than paying for a monthly sewer bill.

Which option is right for me? Your home may already be connected to public sewer, or have existing septic systems that treat your water. Your municipality may require that your home hookup to public utilities. However, if you have a choice – it’s important to consider all of the environmental impact issues , costs and requirements associated with each system prior to making your decision.

If you’re looking for help with Southwest Florida septic maintenance, or are unsure which option is best for your family’s wastewater needs, contact the septic service experts at Crews Environmental and get guidance for all your septic and wastewater needs.