Should you use additives?

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Should you use additives?

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Avoid claims that are too good to be true

Companies are offering all kinds of additives for an additional cost. At Crews Environmental, we believe no septic tank additive will work better than a septic tank’s natural function and use of healthy bacteria.

Some thoughts on septic tank additives:

  • Nothing beats maintenance. There is no additive on the market that would take the place of routine maintenance for your septic system.
  • Stay natural. Introducing waste naturally to the system is the best way to increase healthy bacteria into your septic tank. That is how it was made to work properly.
  • Be careful of claims. Many additives actually include corrosive matter that can harm the natural bacteria and also the integrity of your tank and pipes. Several additives advertising they help control odor can contain things such as formaldehyde and zinc sulfate, which can poison the system.
  • Always follow Do Not Flush Rules. As always, homes with septic tanks should be careful about what is flushed.

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